The Venice Canals Art Garden is a privately owned community art space and organic garden where neighborhood events and projects are co-created.   It is offered to the Venice Canals for gatherings that encourage love, art, music, friendship and health -- reflecting the bohemian and artistic roots of the historic Venice Canals.

We invite our canal neighbors to join in the growing of community.   We participate in the building of community by working, sharing, and socializing with our neighbors.   Membership happens when someone, wanting to know their neighbors better, shows up with enthusiasm and an interest in helping to create this community.  We welcome newcomers to the garden!

The Art Garden's mission is to create an intentional community for the residents of the Venice Canals.   We do this by creating activities which support neighborly interaction, learning, and creating. 

We are committed to a vision of community which transcends our individual households.  We benefit from this sense of community -- believing that community is an important aspect of living and is good for our wellbeing.   We care about our neighbors and enjoy helping one other in good times and bad.   We enjoy being in nature and having the benefit of open space.   We enjoy participating in Art Garden projects and volunteer ourselves to lead a project.

For more information, visit the FAQ page.