The Back Cottage - Time per week: 45 mins.

is an original structure and painted green, which is the original color of the structure. The home was lovingly restored by the garden neighbors with a careful detail to the reclaimed wood ceilings. The back house is not used as often, so volunteers who maintain this cottage keep an eye on our tools, and storage capability in the garage. They maintain an inventory of what we have and keep a watchful eye for critters that might be living in the house. 

  • Sweep Floors
  • sweep deck
  • Bathroom clean (sinks and bowls)
  • kitchen clean
  • stove top clean 
  • Make sure the mini refrigerator does not have old food in it
  • keep cabinets organized
  • Front porch swept
  • Graveled area west of the house kept tidy
  • organize garage
  • Inventory tools and supplies