The VCAG CORE are the people interested in helping run the art garden. And one of the ways we stay together as a group is to have twice a month, potluck dinners.

The Art Garden is run by consensus of the CORE group, except that Deborah and Paul can override consensus.   Of course Deborah and Paul want consensus and are willing to hear reasons why something should be some way or another that may not be in line with their initial thinking and opinions.   Deborah and Paul have a vision, and part of that vision is that everyone's voice should be heard, and to encourage diverse thoughts and ideas.

So what's the core group? Simply put, the core group is a group of friends and neighbors who are interested in helping tun the Art Garden. One way the core group communicates is by Google Groups (although, knocking on your neighbor's door to chat is encouraged). Inclusion on the list does not give a vote, nor does it mean you have no voice. It's simply in place to make conversation easy. If you want to be on the list, just let Paul know. Being on the list does not obligate you to anything, and if you want off, it's easy to do. If you decide you want off the list, you can still participate in potlucks and meetings. 

Core group Potlucks to be every other week (1st and 3rd Thursday).

Core group Meetings to be once a month, 1st Thursday after potluck.

Although being on the core group does not obligate you to any responsibilities, it's mostly the core group that takes care of the garden, so there are responsibilities we share. Responsibilities range from simple maintenance around the garden to large, ongoing projects. If you choose to take on a responsibility, it doesn't mean you have to do the job. It just means you are charge of getting it done. Most responsibilities have a co-lead, and some jobs, depending on the lead's agreements, may rotate on a monthly basis. However, other, more specialized responsibilities such as communications or compost, may not. 

There's a responsibilities white board on the front cottage so if you're interested in joining a team, find the front person and sign up!