Entertainment state: Time per week - 5 Mins a week and help during movie nights and events. 

The entertainment stage is a multi-use platform stage used for music performances, theater, poetry, classes with an audience, and movies. The stage is wired for electricity, lit, and has a fire extinguisher attached on the left side, as you face the stage. Responsibilities for the stage are: 

  1. Maintain the stage due to wear and tear. 
  2. Check the electricity running to the stage once a week and make sure the lights above the stage are in working order. 
  3. Follow the rules on the fire extinguisher and make sure its been tested and up to date.
  4. Assist in helping put up and taking down the movie screen on movie nights. 
  5. Keep the area in front of the stage cleaned.
  6. Set up the movie screen:

Both the setup and take down of the screen must be done during daylight. That way you can see what's going on. Also, the moisture from the air can get trapped so its best not to fold it up with the dampness. 

You'll need: 1, 6-foot ladder, 2 people, no tools. 

Steps to put up screen - day of

The screen is located in the storage garage in the back house. Bring it to the stage.

  1. With the ladder, put the lights on the hooks on the ceiling of the stage. That way they will be out of the way from the screen
  2. Fold out left and right screen stands (stage left = green, stage right = red) 
  3. Fold out screen frame
  4. attach screen frame to legs (4 screws on each side) one hole up from the bottom. You don't need tools, the screws can simply be tightened with your fingers.
  5. With screen frame flat on stage, with snap button up attach screen to screen frame, be careful of screen material, don't let get dirty / scratched. With two people, maneuver screen forward off stage, and then angle up very carefully between lights position even between up beams, next to front light cross beam.
  6. With ladder, attach tops of both screen legs to front cross beam with bungees
  7.  attach side curtain to eliminate ambient light from alley and neighbor house from hitting the screen

Steps to put assemble equipment - just prior to event

  1. Pull equipment from garage - Suitcase, speakers, projector stand (green plywood with leg)
  2. Set speakers in front of the screen
  3. Green plywood with leg is to put the projector on. Keep in mind, you'll need to point it down a bit for the best picture quality. 
  4. Connect power and cables
    1. HDMI out of DVD player to HDMI 1 of projector input
    2. mini audio out of projector to RCA in on mixer / amp
    3.  speaker 1/4 cables to speakers
    4. be sure right audio is "audience right"
  5. Test the system to make sure DVD/BluRay is cued up. You will not be able to see image until the sun goes down. You can use foam core to focus and make adjustments. 
  6. Leave audio off/down until the show is ready (The projector has a little speaker). Use Surf Video (no audio) or something while waiting for main attraction. 
  7. Check volume from rear of audience to be sure it's loud enough, but be very mindful of neighbors. 


Steps to disassemble equipment - just after the event

  1. Remove the DVD or BluRay before you power down
  2. Push Power, twice on top of the projector and wait 15 seconds to unplug
  3. Unplug all power cables.
  4. Lens cap on projector
  5. Put projector back in black projector bag and place in suitcase 
  6. Put DVD player back in suitcase
  7. Put power strip with extension cord and power cords still attached back in suitcase
  8. Put remotes in lid of suitcase 
  9. Put wires back in lid of suitcase
    1. 2 speaker wires
    2. audio cable
    3. HDMI cables
    4. VGA cable

Steps to take down screen - next day

  1. Detach side curtain with ladder
  2. with ladder, detach bungees from tops of both screen legs
  3. clear the stage (if needed) and make room for the screen
  4. With 2 people, carefully lower the screen, moving angely bottom forward off of the stage while not hitting the cross beams or lights.
  5. Once you know the screen is clear from potential ripping, move the screen to the floor of the stage, facing up. 
  6. Detach the screen from the frame while being careful to not get it dirty or scratched. 
  7. Keep the snaps from touching the screen 
  8. Folding lengthwise, fold in half, then half again, then in thirds. Finally fold the length in half, and place in the screen cover.
  9. Velcro shut, and put in a safe place. 
  10. Flip the screen so that the screen handles are on top. You can do this on the ground in front of the stage. 
  11. Remove all screens. There should be 10 of them, 5 from each side. Put in provided pouch.
  12. Fold legs up and put inside
  13. Fold screen frame up.   Be careful not to get pinched.  It's cumbersome, but will fold nicely.
  14. Put screen frame and legs in the box
  15. Put screws in pouch and place in the box
  16. verify you have all turn screws and bungees in little black bag
  17. Put all equipment back in the garage
  18. With ladder, unhook lights, letting them hang again.