Game Night at the Art Garden

FAOAQ   (frequently asked or anticipated questions!)
Q: When is it?
A: The next one is TBD, but worth waiting for!
Q: What game are you playing?
A: A really fun group game.  It'll be good, clean fun.
Q: I have a really fun game we could play, can we?
A: Lets us know, we are always open.
Q: Can we play board games too?
A: We thought of that.  However, we decided to try one group game and see how it goes.  (It went great.)
Q: What could I lose?
A:  It's not strip you won’t lose your clothes or dignity.  It's not roulette, so you won't lose $.  It's a fun group game, so maybe you'll lose track of your troubles and have a fun night laughing and gaining closer friendships.
Q:  When’s the last day I can RSVP?
A:  We’d like to know by Thursday.  Also RSVPing is really important as we only have so much room.

Q: What can i bring?
A: Bring something to share. 

Q: Who is hosting Game Night ?
A: Alyxa Chang and Paul Rother

Please RSVP (to Paul) so we have an idea of how many to expect.

"Winners"  with their prizes from last game night.

"Winners"  with their prizes from last game night.