It's easy to get involved with the Art Garden.   The easiest way is to come over for Sunday coffee and have some coffee.   Get a tour, talk to the regulars.   Another way is to come over Saturday mornings, either to help in the Veggie Garden or help with some project around the grounds.   Occasionally we have parties, or events, and help is always appreciated for those, both in the setup and the during the event.   If you have not already, sign up for our weekly what's happening email letter.

If you something to share or contribute, please let us know.   We are always happy to present neighbors to other neighbors in our Canal Conversations series.  We've had authors, filmmakers, artists and more share.   One thing for sure there's no lack of passion in the canals, and we encourage to share your passion with others.   If you have a special skill that you'd like to teach, because we know people who want to learn. Were you part of a movie or TV show you'd like to screen in the garden?  If so, let us know! We are always looking for neighbors who like to share their special skill in a small, private venue. No matter how great or small your skill, we believe "it takes a village" so come build with your community! 

Keep in mind, that there is no commercialism in the Art Gardens, so no selling of books, or signing people up for your multi level diet program.   We also do not accept contributes in the form of money.   However we do accept contributions in things we need, old or new.   The move system was donated.   We have a DVD library of donated DVDs. The chairs, couches and dishes were donated.  We are famous for taking you old outdoor furniture and putting it to use.   However please be accepting if we say no, as we are getting pretty well outfitted now.

If you would alike to suggest something you would like to contribute, use the form below, or simply write to or just stop on by and present on Sunday mornings.


Contribution Form:

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I like growing veggies I'm great at setting up or cleaning up at parties I love to organize events I'm in the movie business and would love to screen I like to maintain gardens I'm a jack of all trades I make music and like to perform