The Art Garden is a community-run gathering place where everyone who enjoys the garden contributes time, money, and/or energy to it.    There are NO Guests, and there are NO hosts.   We do not have a paid clean up staff.  Everyone helps make amazing events.   And by everyone participating in setup and/or cleanup, we make friends and community.  Besides it fun!

Anyone invited to an event in the Art Garden should know about what the garden is and what they might contribute since these events are Host-less and Host-free.    Those (Canal Residents) that invite others should inform their guests about what the garden is and how they might contribute. 

You (and everyone) can contribute big or small in any of the following ways:

Event Setup:
    • Come right at the beginning and make coffee or just help by asking "What can I do?"
    • Set up the table(s)
Event Clean up:
    • Clear the tables
    • Pick up any glasses, plates, or lost items left around the area
    • Offer to do the dishes
    • Offer to dry and put away the dishes
    • Wipe the tables, and sweep the floor
    • Take towels or table cloths home to wash and return
    • Offer to put away chairs
    • Offer to be one of the last ones to help break down and put away tables
    • Clean and sweep the patio area
    • Look for trash and little bits that are out of place on the ground, and pick them up

    • Offer to empty the trash and recycle, and then take bins out to the alley
In general:
    • Buy supplies for the Cafe Brunch: coffee, coconut milk, etc. (ask)
    • Buy general supplies: paper towels, toilet paper and dish soap, etc. (ask)

To DO something helpful, ask anyone in the Core Group - Carol, Casey, Chris, Alan, Steve, Gayle, Nika, Martin, Barbara, Alyxa, John, Phillip, Paul, or Deborah. They'll gladly help you find a way to something helpful! 

The Core Group