Saturdays (and some Friday) nights - Sixties Flicks
What could be more fun that watching a classic with friends and neighbors in the summer air?   Nothing, so come join us Friday nights and enjoy these classic movies for a first, second or thirtieth time. Bring the kids if you want, just a few that that might be inappropriate.

Outside at the Art Garden after Yappy Hour.   Setup starts 7:30. Movie starts promptly at 8pm, or earlier if light permits.
Bring movie snacks if you want.   Bring blankets to keep you warm after the sun goes down.  Dogs must be on a short leash, or leave them home.   Cleanup after the movie, thanks for helping.   Hosted by Paul Rother. 

                               1967    Bonnie & Clyde **
                              1966    The Wild Angels *  **
                               1969    Easy Rider ** ***
                                1961    West Side Story  (sing along!) ** ***
Sat Aug-19            1967    Don’t Look Back ** ***
?                              1965    Cat Ballou **
?                              1969    Putney Swope ** **
?                              1965    Help ** ***
?                              1963    It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World ** **
?                              1966    The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming **
?                              1965    Inside Daisy Clover*
?                              1968    Rosemary's Baby

* Scenes filmed in the canals.
** For most of these we highly encourage use of your medical certificates.  
*** For those films featuring music, we will be sure to have a surround sound system.  
Schedule subject to change and probably will, check back here for changes.
If raining, we will figure out what to do.   (Maybe show inside?)


Sat Aug-12            Don’t Look Back
Dont Look Back is a 1967 American documentary film by D. A. Pennebaker that covers Bob Dylan's 1965 concert tour in England.   The film features Joan Baez, Donovan and Alan Price (who had just left the Animals), Dylan's manager Albert Grossman and his road manager Bob Neuwirth. Marianne Faithfull, John Mayall, Ginger Baker. The film shows a young Dylan: confident if not arrogant, confrontational and contrary, but also charismatic and charming.    The opening scene is "Subterranean Homesick Blues", in which Dylan displays and discards a series of cue cards bearing selected words and phrases from the lyrics. Allen Ginsberg makes a cameo appearance during this episode.   In 1998 the film was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant". In a 2014 Sight & Sound poll, film critics voted Dont Look Back the joint ninth best documentary film of all time.

                Cat Ballou
Cat Ballou is a 1965 comedy Western musical film starring Jane Fonda and Lee Marvin, who won an Academy Award for Best Actor for his dual role. The story involves a woman who hires a notorious gunman to protect her father's ranch, and later to avenge his murder, but finds that the gunman is not what she expected. The supporting cast features Michael Callan, Dwayne Hickman, and singers Nat King Cole and Stubby Kaye, who together perform the movie's theme song.

            Putney Swope
Putney Swope, a 1969  satirical comedy film written and directed by Robert Downey Sr. and starring Arnold Johnson as Swope, is a comedy satirizing the advertising world, the portrayal of race in Hollywood films, the white power structure, and the nature of corporate corruption.    Putney Swope, the only black man on the executive board of an advertising firm, is accidentally put in charge after the unexpected death of the chairman of the board, renaming the business "Truth and Soul, Inc.

Help! is a 1965 musical comedy-adventure film directed by Richard Lester, starring the Beatles.   An eastern cult is about to sacrifice a woman. Just as she is about to be killed, the high priestess of the cult, notices that she is not wearing the sacrificial ring.  Ringo has and is wearing it; it was secretly sent to him by the victim in a fan letter. Determined to retrieve the ring and sacrifice the woman, the great Swami Clang, Ahme, and several cult members including Bhuta, leave for London. After several failed attempts to steal the ring, they confront the Beatles in an Indian restaurant. Ringo learns that if he does not return the ring soon, he will become the next sacrifice. Ringo then discovers that the ring is stuck on his finger.   While not reviewed at the time with the same high level of admiration as their first film, the film is regarded a half century later as being influential, including in the subsequent development of music videos.

        It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World is a 1963 epic comedy film, produced and directed by Stanley Kramer and starring Spencer Tracy with an all-star cast, about the madcap pursuit of $350,000 in stolen cash by a diverse and colorful group of strangers.  The cast features Edie Adams, Milton Berle, Sid Caesar, Buddy Hackett, Ethel Merman, Mickey Rooney, Phil Silvers, Terry-Thomas, and Jonathan Winters.   Three and a half hours long, we will view over two nights (Friday and Saturday)

            The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming
The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming is a 1966 comedy film directed by Norman Jewison.   The film depicts the chaos following the grounding of the Soviet submarine Спрут off a small New England island during the Cold War. The film stars Carl Reiner, Eva Marie Saint, Alan Arkin in his first major film role, Brian Keith, Theodore Bikel, Jonathan Winters, and Paul Ford.

            Inside Daisy Clover
Inside Daisy Clover is a 1965 drama film directed by Robert Mulligan, and stars Natalie Wood as the titular character. Ruth Gordon was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.  Also starring     Christopher Plummer, Robert Redford and Roddy McDowall.   In the mid-1930s, Daisy Clover is a teenage tomboy, living in a ramshackle trailer with her eccentric mother Lucile on a California beach. She dreams about being one of the Hollywood actresses and submits a recording song to the well-known film producer Raymond Swan, who puts her under contract for five years.   Upon its release, the film was a box office and critical failure. However, the film later gained a cult following when it was shown on television and released on home video.  The film is generally recognized for one of the early depictions of a gay or bisexual character in American cinema who is not ashamed of his sexuality and does not commit suicide.[4]

            Rosemary's Baby
Rosemary's Baby is a 1968 American psychological horror film written and directed by Roman Polanski, based on the bestselling 1967 novel of the same name by Ira Levin. The cast features Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes, Ruth Gordon, Sidney Blackmer, Maurice Evans, Ralph Bellamy, Angela Dorian and, in his feature film debut, Charles Grodin. The film chronicles the story of a pregnant woman who suspects that an evil cult wants to take her baby for use in their rituals.  Rosemary's Baby earned almost universal acclaim from film critics and won numerous nominations and awards.