There are hundreds of people who contribute to the day to day operations of the garden, but there are a few people who understand the ins and outs of how it operates. From where the fire extinguishers are to where the plates are located, here are the people who you can contact if you have any questions.


Alan Pick422 Howland 310-823-8262

Barbara Mastej210 Howland 310-383-7773

Carol CassellaX446

Casey FieldsX401

Chris Lieber403

Deborah GroeningX241

Gary Pearl409

John Randsom210

Kristian Wilson237

Martin Meunier220

Matt Orr240

Monnie Fanning237

Nika DunneX220

Paul RotherX241

Philip Garaway420R

Rose Mann-Cherney217

Sam Clay401

Seth Sherman240

Friends / others

Linda Shusett450

Mary Jane Wagle416

Corinne Chaix231

Steve Slayden2310

Josie Scibetta (VCA)2314

Darryl DuFay (VOC)2602 Grand310-822-9194