Small classes, or Garden University,  are a commonplace in this shared experience. From soap making, preserving food, yoga, and storytelling … classes are encouraged! Classes are designed for neighbors who have a special talent they’d like to share the garden is a space to teach the community. Small classes can consist of 2 people and up. Perhaps someone wants to teach fermentation to 5 people on a picnic table, or maybe an art historian wants to give a lecture to 50 people from the stage, the space is malleable and only has a few rules:

  1. A class can not be a "for profit" class. The garden discourages any exchange of money for service.

  2. The class can’t overtly promote your business. Most people are in a business they are passionate about and it’s likely that if they are teaching a class that pertains to their business. For example, a coffee roaster who owns a coffee shop may teach a class on how to roast coffee. That’s OK. We just don’t want the INTENT of the class to be a vehicle drive business to the coffee shop. However, it’s ok to mention the coffee shop because we want to support our neighbors when we can.

  3. The class must be on the calendar so we can make sure there’s no overlap with someone else.

  4. Whoever is teaching the class is responsible for setup and cleanup, but ultimately the person signed up to take on "small event responsibilities" is in charge of the end result. 

If someone wants to know how they can teach a class, the best thing is to encourage them! The can fill out an event request form right here