The Veggie Garden is the far East side of the property and consists of:

1) 8 Veggie Boxes.

2) 3 Picnic Tables

3) A Worm composting station

4) A compost tumbler

5) Garden Supply storage

6) in bed Irrigation

7) Rain barrels

The veggie garden is used to hold small gardening classes, grow vegetables, and from time to time, dine with neighbors. Of all the sections of the garden, The Veggie Garden probably has the most moving parts. Each season the beds need to be planned out, sectioned off, compost spreaded, constant weeding, watering, and organized. Additionally, each bed needs to be harvested and pruned, usually on a weekly basis.

Typically, there’s someone who oversees each subsection of the veggie garden. There’s no one person “in charge” but typically someone takes the lead. For example, the compost bin needs to be “fed” at a consistent pace. Rather than everyone erratically placing items in the tumbler, we put compostable items in a bucket and rely on one person to feed the bin and not overwhelm it.

That practice transcends into every aspect of the garden and if you have an interest in one of the areas, check the “point person” page of this guidebook to see who is currently taking the lead on a certain task.