The Flower Garden is located in front of the green house, on the Western most section of the garden. It’s a whimsical space and used to sit, relax, take in beauty, learn about flowers and how to grow them. Many plants in the garden consist of original, heirloom plants from previous residents of the original cottage. Occasionally you’ll be digging in the garden and stumble across an old pipe, a tiny buddha, or a feather. It’s encouraged to use such findings as decorations in the garden.

The Flower Garden consists of:

  1. in ground irrigation

  2. Sitting areas

  3. A hammock

  4. The canal facing gate

  5. various plants

  6. handmade, tile pathway

From time to time, there are classes in the flower garden, but mostly it’s used for relaxing. Volunteers in the flower garden are always needed to check irrigation, weed, prune, plant, and make sure that chairs and tables are protected when we get rain.