The Flower Garden responsibilities. The flower garden lead is in charge of the following tasks.  

Time for lead - About 1 hour a week. 


  1. in ground irrigation - Check once a week each irrigation zone in the flower garden. The garden irrigation is different than the vegetable garden system. Instructions and zones can be located on the irrigation box located on the west side of the front cottage. There are underground “main lines” that feed the drip and spray systems, so look for water not reaching certain areas and leaks in the system. One of the most important things to remember in the flower garden is to BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU DIG A HOLE. MAKE SURE YOU ASK SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHERE THE LINES ARE BURIED BEFORE DIGGING. Turn irrigation off during rain storms and turn it back on when storm is complete. Adjust water for the season. 

  2. Sitting areas - the various sitting areas should be kept clean. Brush debris off the pillows and make sure the chairs are on level ground. 

  3. Weeding - Weeding is an ongoing job in the flower garden. Pull weeds and new grasses on a weekly basis. Put weeds in the buckets located under the composter. 

  4. Dived bulbs and spread out vegetation that is encroaching on each other - As plants grow, they may encroach on other plants. We don't like to get rid of any new growth that could be planted elsewhere, so find a new home for the little plant baby!

  5. A hammock - the hammock is tied between two trees in front of the back cottage. Make sure the ropes are in good shape and make sure the hammock is tidy.

  6. The canal facing gate - Make sure the gate lock is in place.

  7. handmade, tile pathway - Make sure tiles are not kicked up and the pathway is swept.