Procedure for initiating an event at the Art Garden
(movie, class, canal conversation, book club, workshop, etc.)

The person with the idea that they want to share should find a CORE Group "sponsor" that can shepherd the event though concept, promotion and execution.   They can email the idea, but better to pitch to CORE Group member directly.  Then email is good.   Once we have a go, the CORE member will make sure everything is setup, and open the gate, stay until the end of the event when they closed and lock the gate.   CORE member should know how to turn all outdoor lights on/off and know where fire extinguishers and first aid kit are.

Remember events are non-commercial.   No sales or sales promotions.  The intent of every talk, conversation, sharing, workshop is the pleasure of sharing a gift with the canal residents, without asking for anything in return.  

Proposal stage
    Name of event
    CORE Group sponsor's name
    Your Name
    Canal resident --  Y/N
    Audience (kids?)
    Suggested Date (or date range) of event

Once a CORE Group member has decided to sponsor an event, then follow this procedure
    - CORE Group feedback
    - pick time, reserve on "internal" calendar
            (if screening, be aware of moon phase and sunset - dark enough 15 minutes after sunset, and full moon does not work so well)
            (over by 10pm)   
    - get time, detail feedback from CORE Group
    - place on "public" calendar
- Create publicity materials
        - For Webpage
            - full description of event
            - presenter's bio
            - Photos (banner & interals)
            - RSVP setup on webpage if RSVP is desired.

        - For weekly news mail out
           - two or three short to the point sentences.  
           - will link back to webpage which needs to be done first
           - make sure to have materials by early Thursday for weekly mail out

    Idea of how many people would you like to come or think will come?
    Special requirements for the event?
    Need a screen? Sound? Mic?
    Serving food? Drinks?
    Require electricity? 
    Is there something we have not thought of that you’d like to tell us about this event? 
    other considerations?