Procedure for publicizing an Art Garden event

For big or reoccurring events, a web page should be built.    Paul is willing to do this, but needs the copy written out in a way to his job easy.    For all events a short blurb should be prepared for the weekly newsletter.    The schedule for the newsletter: material is submitted by Tuesday midnight, for the newsletter that should come out Thursday morning.   Of course put the event on the calendar, internal if you are not for sure, external when it's a sure thing.

For the Webpage

Send to Paul at least 3 weeks prior to event. Include any graphics please, or source of appropriate graphics on the web. 


  •   Title of event
  •   Date(s)
  •   Times (setup, event starts, event end, cleanup)
  •   who is hosting.  (if asking for help, then method of contact.)
  •   introduction (include why it's related to canals if applicable)
  •   description
  •   what to bring, not bring
  •   is help needed for setup/cleanup?

RSVP desired?
  email to send responses to ?

For examples of webpages, see:

For the Newsletter:
For Thursdays letter, send to Pam by midnight Tuesday.

2 to 3 sentences.
Start with day and time.   Include link to webpage for more info/rsvp.

Newsletter blurb can be different each week, with more detail closer to event. Including a graphic is always helpful.


The Newsletter:
- Overall goal is to create community.
- Focus on getting people to website, so that they understand what we are about, like no single use plastic.
- Encourage people to sign themselves up to mailing list (
- No more than one newsletter a week.
- The weekly newsletter should go out on a Friday, possibly a Thursday or Saturday.
- No news or events?  Then no newsletter that week.
- Each newsletter to cover all / multiple events.
- Need art (with no words) and plain text to allow consistant formating across events and editing.
- Bigger event / projects will get it's own web page, so newsletter can just be a enticing blurb point to webpage.
- Printed invites are a good way to get additional community involvement.   They should always highly encourage people to go to the website so that they can understand the Art Garden policies, and to be able to sign up to the (mailchimp) mail list.