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1) Crock Pot - don't worry, you won't ruin it. In fact, when it's done cooking you'll literally have soap in your crock pot. You'll have the cleanest slow cooker in town! 

2) Lye - You have to have this. This bottle will make about 3 batches, so if you want, double up with a couple of people on this email because you won't need all of it.

3) Thermometer - If you don't have this item, it's cool. We can share.

4) hand blender - without this, you will be stirring your soap like a pioneer person and you don't want to do that. We can also share if you don't have one.

5) Coconut Oil and Olive Oil  - 16 ozs of each. You have to have this. 

6) Soap Molds - I use these food trays because they are the perfect soap size. You can also go fancy and get expensive molds, but don't. These are great and reusable.

7) Essential Oils LavenderSweet OrangeVetiverPeppermintSandalwood,  Lemon MelaleucaGeranium  are a few good ones. This brand is high quality and worth the premium. Each scent will do something therapeutic for you. For example, lavender will calm your skin while lemon will make you peppy! The brand is Doterra. Get any smell you'd like! We can share our bars with each other.