SATURDAY -  March 10th - Noon to 5 pm

It is a party… really… it’s a Spring Cleaning Party!

It’s time for spring cleaning at the Art Garden and we are inviting the community to join us to get the Art Garden ready for lots of upcoming fun events!    Meet your neighbors.   Have fun playing in the dirt.   Drink a beer or have a glass of wine.  Particiapate and share in the joy of a clean space.

- Rags to clean with
- Environmentally friendly cleansers
- Snacks for the day (feel free to bring beer and / or wine)
- Oh yeah, dancing shoes (there will be music)

To be cleaned Outside:
-    Wash outdoor furniture
-    Wash and organize outdoor shelves (by vegetable garden)
-    Wash all outdoor  “knick-knacks”  (vases, candle holders, garden tchotchkes, etc.) 
-    Wash windows, windowsills and possibly the outside of houses (there is a power washer available)
-    Sweep excess dirt and leaves in yard and in the alley (alley area in front of garage and fence)
-    Pull out weeds (in outdoor potted plants only)  anything else concerning  anything “green” (pruning, weeding, etc.) 

To be cleaned Inside:
-    Clean out refrigerator
-    Dust all indoor furniture (possibly use a little furniture polish)
-    Sweep and vacuum
-    Remove any cobwebs
-    Clean and dust piano
-    Organize closets (there are 2 closets – one with games and one with tablecloths, etc.), cabinets (dishes) and drawers (silverware)
-    Clean bathrooms

Also there will be some vegetable planting and there will be a sign-up sheet for the vegetable garden as spring is approaching :)

Being organized by Chris Lieber

We really need a lot of participation from the community.    Please come and bring a neighbor!!