The Venice Art Garden is three, consecutive pieces of land located in the heart of the Venice Canal Historic District.  The two homes standing on the property are original structures and adhere to the 100-year-old vision of Abbot Kinney, founder of Venice. The cottages are some of the last original structures remaining in the Venice Canals and each home once sheltered artists, musicians, and gardeners at one time or another in their long history.

Although no one lives on the property today, there are historic elements ranging from heirloom vegetation, antiques, and art. Also, don’t be surprised if you’re digging in the dirt and find hand blown glass pipes, once used for smoking!  We keep everything we find and arrange for beauty to honor those who who contributed to the properties prior to it’s current version.

In late 2014 Deborah and Paul, the sole owners of the Art Garden, were approached by the previous owners of the properties and asked if they wanted to purchase them for development. With little though, they agreed to buy the land but rather than developing the land, they were more interested in preserving it’s heritage. The land was overgrown and the homes were in terrible disarray, but with their vision, they knew they were going to create something special.

In March of 2015 a few folks from the neighborhood gathered on a Saturday morning and began cleaning the properties to restore them to their original charm. Deborah and Paul felt strongly about the community working together to clean the properties instead of hiring outside help because “when communities sweat together, bonds are formed”. Week after week, the neighborhood cleared brush, hauled topsoil, dug holes, restored homes, created mosaics, built fences, planted vegetables, dug irrigation, built a stage, drank, and bonded under one shared vision, to create community.

Over the coming weeks, the garden began to grow flowers and produce fresh veggies and by July 4, 2015 the garden was was complete for the inaugural 4th of July Celebration. Today the garden is home to not only dozens of plants, birds, and an occasional cat, it’s also home to many relationships, memories, classes, music, and creativity.