It's takes a lot of energy to keep the place up to par.   Fortunately many neighbors enjoy working with each other in the garden.   The Saturday work parties started March 2015, and we really had a lot of fun transforming the lots for the July 4th coming out party.  There's the regular stuff like sweeping, weeding, cleaning house and the like.   But it's the special stuff that makes it fun.  The most fun is meeting new neighbors.    Stop by from 10am to noon, sometimes we are there longer.   During the winter we've been meeting every 1st and 3rd Saturday, but that may change when the weather returns.  No invite needed.   Gloves provided.

Here are some of the projects on our list.   If you are interested in a particular one, or want to make a contribution to one in particular, or have questions, let us know

Art type projects
- Water attraction(s)
- Fire attraction

- Shutters into coat racks (Deborah)
- Sculpture garden project from metal (Casey and Barbary)
- Found object sculptures (Deborah)

Sign making
    "sunday coffee neighborhood open house"
    "saturday work party"
    "for more info go to"

General Improvements 
- New stage curtain & canopy for movie night, include masking light from 416 Linnie house

- Furniture painting (Deborah)
- Curtains for 408 interior 

- More plants in front
- 3rd rain barrel working
- Add mulch / landscape plan (Casey and Carol)

- Build awning outside 404 garage
- Garage clean, move lumber & building supplies out, build shelves
- Paint exterior speaker wires, PVC tubes, water heater (Paul)

Outdoor lighting (Paul)
- More overhead lighting in art garden, poles in cement, support wire

- Garden Shade Umbrellas
- Saturday work party organizer

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