Saturdays at 9:15am for the summer, we have the honor of a visting yoga teacher from Paris, Daphnée Ollivaud, teaching a class for all, beginners and advanced. 

Yoga is like music. The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul creates the symphony of life.

Since yoga came into Daphnée's life it never ceased to improve. Through her genuine teaching, Daphnée will inspire you to focus and enjoy being yourself.  She teaches Vinyasa yoga, a dynamic form of yoga that will help you gain more energy, increase flexibility and strength and reduce stress. It’s an empowering and fluid way to center the mind and awaken the body. It’s a meditation in movement almost like a dance, an opportunity to be completely in the present.

In Daphnée's own words:  
I found yoga or yoga found me.   It is very personal. And I don't talk so much about it.   Yoga changed my life to the best and I just decided to help others with the most honesty and humility.  I am lucky to teach a lot in Paris and to make a living out of it.   
Anything can happen on the mat but I am no guru.  I believe poeple have to follow their own path.    
I'd like to travel through yoga and keep on meeting amazing poeple!  
We are One🙌   Thank you so so much for everything!

Daphnée is a Vinyasa yoga teacher certified by Gérard Arnaud of the French Federation of yoga and registered yoga teacher by the american alliance. She teaches in different studios and lead workshops in Paris, Mallorca and Morocco. She also teaches private classes to a wide variety of students that include celebrities.    Daphnée is looking forward to meeting you on the mat and will definetly keep the mood light and playful!

Daphnée is perfectly fluent in English and Spanish, as well as French.